Speak French or German?

I was looking at who ordered my plugins (especially Lockdown) and I noticed that a large percentage of sales came from two non-english speaking countries. France & Germany.

In order to help our friends in those countries I'm considering Localizing Lockdown to those two languages for version 1.1, only 3 things keep me from doing it

  1. I've never localized a Mac app before (ok, I can probably figure this out easily enough)

  2. I don't speak French

  3. I don't speak German

So I might be looking for a little help from a certain sort of person. Specifically I'm looking for someone who:

  1. Speaks French and English or German and English. I'd prefer that your native tongue is French/German to make sure the Localized version makes sense

  2. Is interested in helping make Lockdown better by providing it in those languages

  3. Is willing to help update the localization as I add new features

  4. Is willing to help for basically not much. I'll give you credit on the web page and I'll give you a free registration code (a USD $7.95 value! If you have already purchased Lockdown I'll credit you back your purchase price) plus you get the thanks of your countrymen and the satisfaction of helping make RW more friendly to non english speakers

I'll probably have 1.1 out in the next 4-6, If you are interested in helping contact me to let me know

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