Hey, how did you do that?

So I'm going to macworld in a few days and I'm sooooo excited. Isaiah was laughing at me because I'm geeking out even more than he is. Right now my plan is to be there tuesday & wednesday (sadly I can't stay through thursday because I need to get some work done at my day job)

So I was thinking it would be fun to set up a blog of what I see & do, and since I own a fine Treo 650 phone I can pretty easily take pictures, add a little text (using the surprisingly good keyboard) and then mail them out.

in order to make it somehow cohesive I put a seperate blog for macworld '06 coverage here and I'll send updates via my phone throughout the day. Right now it just has a few pics of my kids as I was testing the service.....

"But wait" you say "How can this be? Your new blog is a Rapidweaver blog and we all know that you can't remotely manage them. You have to be on the original computer that made the web page to add entries

is that so?

Funny.. I was able to send emails to have the blog automatically update and I'm able to edit it online and I'm able to create new posts away from my mac, but it sure looks like a native RW page... If I change themes then it updates properly... For instance compare this and this. Same exact blog but different themes applied without any other changes!

(edit 1/21/06 the e-mail link below has been disabled but trust me, it works)
Hey, maybe you can try it. Send e-mail to loghound.test_macworld@blogger.com and then refresh this or this page...

Hmmm too bad someone hasn't made a plug in to enable this in an really easy way.......


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