Registration -- Only $10.95
SiteMap is shareware that requires registration to activate all of its features. To register SiteMap you'll purchase a registration number from the web store and enter it into the SiteMap settings.

1. Click on the
Store link.

Our web store offers a number of secure payment options including Credit Cards, Pay pal, google checkout & eSellerate.

2. Follow the online steps to complete the secure purchase.
eSellerate can accommodate many forms of payment and many currencies from around the world. If you have trouble using their payment system, contact us and we can try to make other arrangements.

3. An email will be sent to you.
eSellerate will confirm the payment and then send you an email. Often this email is sent in just a few minutes, but depending on payment type, can also take up to 24-hours. The confirmation email will contain your registration code. Keep this email in a safe place. If you reinstall RapidWeaver you may need it again.

4. Copy the registration code from your email software.
The registration code will be a few lines down the page. It will something look like this:
Serial Number: BxXtMox123pw53Mx5t302Ay12Ty8ZGii5pug==
Select your code and choose
Copy from the Edit menu.

5. Open rapidweaver.
If RapidWeaver is already open just open a new RapidWeaver document by choosing New from the File menu.

6. Create a new SiteMap page.
Click the + button to add a new page, choose SiteMap from the list, and click the Add button.

7. Enter the page inspector (shift-cmd-i or View->Page Inspector) and click on the page settings.
The page settings button is on the far right hand side with a little toolbar icon.

8. Click on the
Registration tab.
The Registration tab is where your registration code will be entered.

9. Paste in your registration code.
Choose Paste from the Edit menu. You can also type your registration code in by hand. Make sure to type the code exactly as it is in the email. If all goes well a confirmation should appear right below the registration code that reads, "Thanks for buying SiteMap!"