Just bought it, registered it, used it and uploaded the site - was a question of minutes

-Sitemap User

As the name implies it automatically create a
SiteMap of your web page. People love it and It also can do a lot more.

For instance SiteMap can:

  • Create a 'siteindex.xml' file for to help google index better.
  • Validate that your web page doesn't have any nasty defaults in the title, filename or folder name (such as "Untitled Page 3" or "page4/pag36.html").
    See this for one users
  • Easily turn off web crawling for a given page within your site.
  • And yes, SiteMap can also create SiteMaps in a variety of styles (Including, with version 1.14 your blog entires!)
But don't just take my word for it, see what people say about it on the Rapidweaver® forums.

Quick Start

The easiest way to use Sitemap is to simply download a copy and try it. The free download has all of the features (only you can't save until you register) By just inserting a Sitemap page you can instantly get a
nice tree view of your website.

Of course you may prefer some other view which you can select here as well as choose to include descriptions or not (more on this later)

You may want to dress it up a bit.... for instance it's possible some pages on your site have default Titles, filenames or Foldernames -- Not at all pretty! Go to the site organization pane and click the "Show pages with defaults..." to see a suggestion of pages to clean up before publishing a SiteMap.

While you are here type in a description for each page to help annotate the sitemap AND give the search engines a better idea of what your page is about.

Of course if you have a blog Sitemap supports automatic insertion of your blogs & archives (Archive feature only available with Built In Blog)

Simply tell Sitemap if you want them enabled or not and how many posts to include.
Search Engine Optimization
Want to make sure you get noticed? Sitemap can help provide the best possible input to Yahoo & Google

With sitemap you can automatically create 'index' files you can submit to Yahoo & Google.
Want to learn more? Check out the